A Month of Keys to Success

Keys to Success is centered on executive function skills, SEL skills with a focal point of grit, growth mindset and grace.

Executive Functions “cognitive control skills” or “mental skills” are like CEO of the brain, in charge of deciding where to focus attention and what needs to get done. It is like a conductor who selects music the orchestra will perform, interprets the piece, sets the tempo, and directs each section of musicians to contribute at the same moment. Students can and should be taught their executive functioning skills as a path to self-directed learning and overall self-directed happiness. Research says that our executive function skills do not “just happen.” We need time to learn and practice to develop these skills; thus, improving students’ social, emotional, and cognitive development. Teachers and parents need to be consistent and patient in teaching these skills. Research shows the pre-frontal cortex does not fully develop until the age of 25. So, until the age of 25, we act as their pre-frontal cortex. Keep teaching those executive function skills!