Social emotional learning shouldn't stop when we can't meet face to face.



Research shows that social and emotional skills are essential to success in school and career. Welcome to the place where you can learn social and emotional skills critical to success. We offer a curriculum designed for schools, after school programs, and home that includes e-learning, interactive books, games for all kids and so much more!





An easy to use platform for your students to create a culture of Grit, Growth-Mindset and Grace through a common vocabulary and focus.

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  1. Purchase Individual Subscription, School-Wide Subscription or Face to Face & ELearning School-Wide Subscription.
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Easy for teachers!

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Leveled Stories and Activities for Elementary

  • Series of stories read aloud by professional actors!
  • Characters grow with students through the years.
  • The series of stories continues year after year throughout elementary.
  • Saves money! No copies! No workbook! No materials necessary!
  • Just a click of a button to begin! No teacher preparation is required! Less teacher stress!


SEL School-Wide Focus


3GStrong helps create a culture of GRIT, GROWTH-MINDSET and GRACE as all students will have the same monthly focus, but will engage with stories and activities at their own level. Each month consists of three weeks of activities and stories to allow for consistency and flexibility.

We asked teachers, "What do you l love most about the 3GStrong program?”

Here’s what they told us:


We asked teachers, "Can you tell us about a student that 3GStrong has really helped this year?”

Here’s what they told us:


We asked teachers, "What do you love most about 3GStrong?”

Here’s what they told us:


Hear more from teachers:

"At first, I was doing 3GStrong twice a week because my principal told us we had to. After a few times, my 5th graders started asking for it on days I hadn't planned to do it. It really helps set the tone for the day and allowed us to connect. Now, I can't imagine starting my day without out it."

Ms. Hogue
5th Grade Teacher

"Before 3GStrong, my daughter struggled to control her emotions and lacked empathy for others. I've watched her grow so much with just one year of 3GStrong. I'm excited that she gets to continue learning these skills with 3GStrong another year before middle school.

Ms. Espinoza
4th Grade Parent

"Since using the program, students are more aware and sensitive to their classmates and more willing to give grace to others. The program has increased their ability to collaborate and their perspective has grown to be less "me" centered."

Ms. Thakkar
3rd Grade Teacher

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3G Team 1

Jamie Peden

Jamie is both an entrepreneur and educator, currently serving as principal of an elementary school in Texas. Having been a business owner in the past, Jamie leads her school looking for ways to teach children the tools to be successful and happy in life.  She has lead two elementary schools with a culture of growing kids socially, emotionally, and academically and is passionate to develop social and emotional intelligence in students as well as staff.

3G Team 2

Kelly Starnes

Kelly Starnes has over 20 years of experience as an elementary school teacher, most of those years as a teacher of gifted and talented students after teaching five years in a regular elementary classroom. Kelly presents around Texas on the social and emotional needs of learners. She is passionate about teaching more than just academics.  Kelly believes in helping all students become the very best version of themselves by giving them the tools they need to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.

Social Emotional Learning

shouldn't stop when we can't meet face to face.

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